Four days after a landslide swept through Aab Bareek, a village in the remote north-east Afghan province of Badakhshan, burying 300 houses, survivors are still searching through the mud for their relatives' remains.

Figures on the number of people killed and missing in the disaster vary. At least 350 people have been confirmed dead, while more than 2,000 people are thought to be missing.

Authorities are trying to help the 700 families displaced by the torrent of mud. Stranded and with no homes, some families have gone to nearby villages to stay with relatives or friends, while others have slept in tents provided by aid groups. The unlucky ones have slept outside.

"Some people left with almost nothing," Matt Graydon, spokesman for the International Organisation of Migration, said.

Mohammad Daim Kakar, from the Afghanistan Natural Disaster Management Authority acknowledged that aid had yet to reach some people but said their efforts were complicated by villagers from areas unaffected by the landslide also coming to claim the aid.

woman plea
Displaced people wait for emergency aid after a landslide engulfed 300 homes in Aab Bareek, a village in a remote and mountainous northeastern province of Afghanistan.Reuters
afghan landsldie
Villagers mourn over the dead body of a woman at the site of a landslide in Badakhshan province, Afghanistan.Reuters
Men carry the body of a woman found in the mud and rubble.Reuters
boy jcket
An Afghan boy wearing a relative's jacket looks on as rescuers search for survivors or bodies.AFP
People search for bodies in the earth and debris.Reuters
A grieving man is comforted by friends in the landslide-hit Aab Bareek village.AFP
A survivor prays at the site of the landslide.Reuters
Survivors mourn for their relatives at the site of the landslide.Reuters
A girl holds her sister in the landslide-devastated village.AFP
Girls await donated relief supplies at the scene of the landslide.AFP
A displaced Afghan man sits in the village of Aab Bareek, where 300 homes were buried under up to 50 metres of earth and debris.Reuters
A child eats in the the village of Aab Bareek.AFP
aid queue
Afghan men wait to receive aid near the site of the landslide.Reuters
A woman talks with a policeman during aid distribution at the scene of the disaster.AFP
Landslide-affected villagers transport aid and their possessions.AFP