Christmas is celebrated all over the world.

In many countries, special Christmas markets are set up, where tourists can gather and relish the festive season. Many cities introduce varieties of food, winter clothing, drinks and accessories on the eve of the holiday.

The festive season creates a euphoric atmosphere in the cities, where visitors feel on top of the world. The offerings are as captivating as the discounts.

However, among all the several Christmas markets in the world, there are a few worth mentioning.

According to, the market in the German city of Munich is one of the best in the world, followed by the one in the Strasbourg Cathedral in France.

Check out a few such Christmas markets...

The Munich Christmas market is one of the finest Christmas markets of the world. The tang of mulled wine, roasted chestnuts, burning candles and freshly baked gingerbread is a treat for people. In addition, the children sing the Christmas carol, which creates a sensational and soothing atmosphere. The toys, decorations and lightening are all very captivating. Lot of winter essentials are being sold in the market too.Reuters
The largest Christmas market in France can be seen at the area close to the Strasbourgh’s cathedral. This Christmas market is known as the oldest French Christmas market. During the eve of Christmas, the area is decorated with toys, Christmas trees and lot of eating outlets. The chorus performance on the streets creates cool atmosphere. Visitors can also grab a Christmas cake at the Bredle Market, which is close to the area.Reuters
The city hosts one of the best Christmas markets, which offer cottages across the region. The city relishes the cool environment on the Christmas Eve. The city offers lot of eatable items such as Steamed snails, preserves, gingerbread, chocolate, mulled wine, and different kinds of spicy foods. In addition, there are unique blown-glass and hand painted artifacts available in the de Noel de Liega, the Christmas village in Liege.PA
The City Hall Square (Rathaus) of ViennaPA
Switzerland hosts one of the best Christmas markets in cities like Zurich and Basel. The entire city is covered with sparkling lights with crowded streets. The Christmas trees look enticing and lot of eatables and other items are being sold in the market.PA