It was Arylynn Presser's New Year's resolution - to meet all her 325 Facebook friends in person!

She even posted a video on her own Facebook page declaring her decision and was determined to fulfill it!

Among the 325 people she decided to meet, a few were old friends from high school and college. A few, for some reason, weren't too keen on meeting... they even went to the extent of "Unfriending" or blocking her. As many as 18 others ignored repeated requests to meet, while five people had passed away and two were actually profiles of pets.

Nevertheless that still left nearly 300 people to visit!

The journey wasn't easy. Presser, you see, also suffered from agoraphobia (a form of anxiety disorder characterised by repeated attacks of intense fear), from which she had suffered from over 30 years.

Braving all obstacles, she travelled to over 13 countries, uniting (or re-uniting) with 292 friends.

During her remarkable trip, she encountered different people with contrasting natures and stories.

She trained as a bodyguard... took Zumba lessons... climbed a mountain in California... learnt to sing opera... rode in a motorcycle sidecar... and learnt how to open a champagne bottle with a sabre (a kind of sword), among an absolutely fantastic collection of experiences.

Her inspirational journey even inspired a documentary - "Face to Facebook".

"I think Facebook is a wonderful gift, a wonderful tool for maintaining friendships. I think it's important for people to get out, log off, and see their friends as well. But it's a very exciting time in the world for Facebook!" she said, in an exclusive few minutes with IBTimes.

Arlynn Leiber Presser traveled around globe to meet 325 of her Facebook friends.Facebook
william clark is the facebook friend i'll be taking with me to ohio and then onto coldwater michigan to see facebook friends. . .William Clark was a nineteenth century explorer. i take this clark doll with me everywhere to remind me of what a real adventurer is like.Facebook
seeing face to facebook friends #16, 17 and 18 at a dinner party with Charles Seymour and Susan Vaughn Grooters.Facebook
if you live in chicago, pick up the tribune and go to the sunday magazine (tucked inside the travel section! there's f2fb friend #193 Cindy Good Dillon and an article about the f2fb project featuring so many friends! thank you most particularly Mary McManus, Lanny Jones, and Benjamin J. Gonzales!Facebook
Arlynn Leiber Presser with miss f2fb #200 elizabeth steinFacebook
With f2fb friends #218 Rachel Davis, 219 Heather Mingo, andn220 Genevieve Lally-KnuthFacebook
made it to taiwan and saw f2fb #242 Warner Sills and found out that f2fb friend #243 M A Del Rosario had had an emergency appendectomy.Facebook
At a dog luncheon party with f2fb friend #250 Joe Kral and his mom f2fb friend #251 PB Bale Kral --Facebook
f2fb friends #252 and 253 Nancy Pollock and John Oster do a fabulous job of helping out at the elephant man show.Facebook
f2fb #283 peter butier who travels frequently-- in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.Facebook