Footage has emerged of a group of Santas having a drunken brawl on the streets of New York over the weekend.

The fight took place during SantaCon, an annual festival where people dress up as Father Christmas and go on a pub crawl around cities across the globe.

CCTV footage shows the group of around 10 bad Santa's fighting on the snowy streets of Manhattan.

It is not clear what triggered the fight, but it appears there are two groups of Santas and possibly one elf involved.

"We're looking into it," said NYPD spokesman Sargent Lee Jones said after they were made aware of the video by the New York Daily News.

"We don't have any reported assaults right now. We know about it."

SantaCon is a notoriously boozy festival where revellers often over indulging. The first SantaCon was held in San Francisco 1994 and it has steadily increased in popularity ever since.