Sully is Dushane's partner and they run the Summer House gang together. He can be extremely reckless and violent, this could be down to his lack of foresight. Sully is exceedingly hot-headed and generally overreacts to any negative comments. Sully's rash decisions get the gang into a lot of problems throughout the series.TPR
Leon works as a personal trainer at the psychiatric hospital and believes that exercise can make your life better. Leon was once a friend of Ra’Nell’s father, Wayne. He cares deeply for Lisa and wants to help take care of her son whilst she is unable to help, Leon does his best to make sure Durshane doesn’t recruit Ra’Nell into his gang.TPR
Heather is an old friend of Lisa’s, she’s is pregnant, alone and desperate to get out of the Summer House estate. We see her from the start learning to grow a crop of marijuana plants to sell to allow her to put a deposit on a house away from Summer House. She enlists Ra’Nell to help her grow the plants, she feels guilty about taking advantage of him, but he is willing to help her out to give her baby a better chance at life.TPR
Bobby Raikes
Raikes is at the top of the local chain, supplying Dushane and Sully’s drugs. He allows Dushane to step up because he is impressed by his will to succeed and his intelligence and thinks Dushane will make him a lot of money. Raikes himself has been in the game a long time. He is motivated by money and old-fashioned values, like respect.TPR
Kamale is leader of a rival gang, the London Fields Mandem. He is ambitious, violent and wants to oust Dushane and Sully and control Summerhouse.TPR
Dris is Dushane and Sully’s right hand man. Smart and ambitious, his loyalty is dictated by the leader who will do the most for himTPR
The Cast
The CastTPR