Five years ago, two photojournalists – Oscar-nominated British film-maker and photographer Tim Hetherington and Getty Images photographer Chris Hondros – were killed by a mortar attack in the rebel-held Libyan town of Misrata.

Chris Hondros Tim Hetherington
Chris Hondros (left) and Tim HetheringtonGetty Images

They were among a group who came under fire on Tripoli Street, a main thoroughfare and scene of fighting between rebels and forces loyal to the country's then leader Muammar Gaddafi. These are some of the photographs Hondros took that day, 20 April 2011:

libya gunmen
April 20, 2011: Rebel fighters carefully move into a building where they had trapped government loyalist troops during street fighting on Tripoli Street in MisrataChris Hondros / Getty Images
libya staris
April 20, 2011: A rebel fighter runs up a burning stairwell during an effort to dislodge government loyalist troops who were firing on them from an upstairs room during house-to-house fighting on Tripoli Street in MisrataChris Hondros / Getty Images
libya flames
April 20, 2011: A rebel fighter covers a burning room containing ensconced government loyalist troops who were firing on them during house-to-house fighting on Tripoli Street in MisrataChris Hondros / Getty Images
libya sparks
April 20, 2011: A rebel fighter fires into a basement during an effort to dislodge some ensconced government loyalist troops on Tripoli StreetChris Hondros / Getty Images

Hetherington, who won the 2007 World Press Photo of the Year award, co-directed the 2010 documentary Restrepo, which was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary. An annual award for photojournalism has been set up in Hondros's name. Over the last decade of his life, the US-born photographer covered some of the world's major conflict zones, including Liberia, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Iraq, Haiti and – ultimately – Libya. In this gallery, we present a retrospective of his work.

world trade center
13 September 2001: Early morning light hits the smoke and wreckage of the World Trade Center in New York City, two days after the twin towers were destroyed when hit by two hijacked passenger jetsChris Hondros / Getty Images
14 September 2001: Mourners assemble at a candlelight vigil in Washington Square park in New YorkChris Hondros / Getty Images
liberia camp
15 July 2003: Refugees crowd into a Masonic temple converted into a camp in the Liberian capital of Monrovia. Hundreds of thousands of Liberians converged on the capital as they flee from fighting in the country's 13-year civil warChris Hondros / Getty Images
liberia child
30 July 2003: A child soldier loyal to the Liberian government walks away from firing on rebel forces across a key bridge in Monrovia, while another taunts themChris Hondros / Getty Images
john kerry
18 February 2004: Democratic presidential candidate Senator John Kerry plays his guitar in flight enroute to Washington, DCChris Hondros / Getty Images
Iraq elections
31 December 2004: Men scramble to get election pamphlets from the United Iraqi Alliance, a coalition of various Shia political and religious parties, at Buratha Mosque in Baghdad, a month before national elections in IraqChris Hondros / Getty Images
iraq parents shot
18 January 2005: Two children are held by US soldiers after their parents were killed when their car was fired on by US troops for failing to stop in Tal Afar, Iraq. Six children in the in the car survived, one with a flesh woundChris Hondros / Getty Images
iraq girls
12 June 2005: Schoolgirls reach out for presents handed out by US troops at a girls' school in Fallujah, IraqChris Hondros / Getty Images
katrina man
4 September 2005: A man wades through water as he makes his way through the Ninth Ward neighbourhood in New Orleans, Louisiana, nearly a week after Hurricane Katrina dealt the city a devastating blowChris Hondros / Getty Images
katrina troops
7 September 2005: Staff Sgt Don Davis of the Oklahoma National Guard patrols a flooded neighbourhood in New Orleans searching for Hurricane Katrina victims who refused to evacuateChris Hondros / Getty Images
14 August 2006: An Israeli soldier is overcome with emotion and is comforted by another, moments after returning to Israel from Lebanon as a ceasefire is declared following a month of fightingChris Hondros / Getty Images
25 August 2006: A woman cries in front of a damaged apartment block in Bint Jbeil, Lebanon. Thousands of Lebanese people were left homeless after the 34-day battle between Hezbollah guerrillas and Israeli forcesChris Hondros / Getty Images
5 October 2006: Amish boys ride on a horse-drawn cart on the way to the funeral of slain Amish schoolgirl Naomi Rose Ebersole in Bart Township, PennsylvaniaChris Hondros / Getty Images
27 November 2006: Saddam Hussein sits in court during his trial in Baghdad, IraqChris Hondros / Getty Images
iraq boy
2 December 2006: An Iraqi boy looks at Sgt Trevor Warrior of the US Army, during a search for weapons in the tense Shulah neighbourhood of BaghdadChris Hondros / Getty Images
23 August 2007: Michael Patrick Shepherd, 3, stands next to his father, Mike Shepherd, during the funeral for his fellow New York firefighter Joseph Graffagnino in Brooklyn, New York CityChris Hondros / Getty Images
21 January 2010: US Army Lt. Col. Robert Malsby of the 82nd Airborne Division comforts Narlie, age 4, who was seriously wounded in the Haitian earthquake in Port-au-PrinceChris Hondros / Getty Images
26 June 2010: Afghan schoolgirls, seen through the window of a Humvee, wave to a passing American convoy in HeratChris Hondros / Getty Images
11 September 2010: Family members grieve in front of a reflecting pool on the ninth anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks in New York CityChris Hondros / Getty Images
Cairo January 25 2011
30 January 2011: An anti-government protester cries during prayers at sunset in Cairo's Tahrir SquareChris Hondros/Getty Images
2 February 2011: A supporter of embattled Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak rides a camel through the melee during a clash between pro- and anti-government protesters in Tahrir Square, CairoChris Hondros / Getty Images
Egypt 25 January 2011
4 February 2011: An exhausted young anti-government protester sleeps on the edge of Cairo's Tahrir SquareChris Hondros/Getty Images
Egypt 25 January 2011
6 February 2011: Food is offered to a wounded anti-government protester who spent the night manning makeshift barriers protecting the anti-government movement in Tahrir SquareChris Hondros/Getty Images
8 April 2011: Rebels pray while a comrade stands with a rocket-propelled grenade launcher on the western edge of Ajdabiyah, LibyaChris Hondros / Getty Images
Egypt 25 January 2011
10 February 2011: Anti-government protesters raise their shoes after a speech by Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak saying that he had given some powers to his vice president but would not resign or leave the countryChris Hondros/Getty Images
Cairo January 25 2011
11 February 2011: A woman cries in Tahrir Square after it was announced that President Hosni Mubarak was stepping downChris Hondros/Getty Images
6 April 2011: A Libyan rebel commander looks through binoculars as he talks on a radio near front-line positions outside BregaChris Hondros / Getty Images
15 April 2011: Ali Salem el-Faizani, 10, works as a traffic cop in Benghazi, Libya. Schools were closed throughout eastern Libya due to the ongoing civil conflict, so some children found work to pass the timeChris Hondros/Getty Images
workers flee
18 April 2011: Foreign workers from Nigeria, Ghana, and other African countries pile on to the back of a truck with their belongings as they flee the besieged city of Misrata, LibyaChris Hondros / Getty Images
Libya revolution photos
18 April 2011: A rebel fighter moves through a hole in a wall near the front line fighting on Tripoli Street in MisrataChris Hondros/Getty Images