Twin polar cubs got their first look at the world today as they explored their enclosure at a zoo in Germany. The cubs emerged from their den with their mother Giovanna 14 weeks after they were born at Tierpark Hellabrunn in Munich. They were soon squabbling and rolling about in the mud, much to the delight of photographers.

Giovanna and her twin polar bear cubs emerge from their den
02 polar
The cubs get their first taste of fresh air
03 polar
The twins have a quick play fight
05 mother
The cubs stick close to mum as she shows them around their enclosure
06 water
They get their first look at water...
...and discover it's wet and cold
08 branch
The cubs chase each other up a fallen tree
09 muddy
And engage in a bit of muddy rough and tumble
10 tongue
Having the paparazzi follow your every move gets annoying
So the muddy cubs head back to the shelter of mum
Time for a feed and nap. Exhausting, hungry work, this exploring lark