Pope Francis in Lesbos Christians also owed an apology to exploited women and children besides the poor, the pontiff said.
3 hours ago
Mariano Rajoy Mariano Rajoy's Partido Popular claims victory but overall majority failure adds further uncertainty in Europe.
6 hours ago
Brexit UK government should be given time to weigh up the consequences of a Brexit, says German official.
8 hours ago
Switzerland Flag Switzerland fears Brexit talks may overshadow its immigration request.
11 hours ago
Ernesto Fazzalari Fazzalari, on the run since 1996, was involved in a 'Ndrangheta turf war that killed 32 in Taurianova
16 hours ago
Brexit Abusive and racist cards telling Poles to leave the UK left outside primary schools
17 hours ago
Gudni Johannesson The historian is poised to beat businesswoman Halla Tomasdottir.
27 hours ago
UK manufacturing: Nissan to start manufacturing its Infiniti Q30 luxury car at its Sunderland plant

UK hiring freeze imminent as Brexit hits home says IoD

1 hour ago
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