Every year celebrities across the globe fork out thousands of pounds and call in the assistants to create the best Halloween costumes for the most exclusive parties.

And this year was no exception.

Heidi Klum led the way by morphing herself into an old lady for her party at Marquee in New York City.

With the help of prosthetics, the former model, who is possibly Halloween's biggest fan, took fans to the future and added years to her face and body.

She completed the look with a white pearl chain, a white wig, a knee length skirt with a matching waistcoat and a floral top.

Meanwhile, Hugh Hefner and 27-year-old wife Crystal Harris took the controversial approach of dressing up as Robin Thicke and a scantily-clad Miley Cyrus, at the VMA Awards.

X Factor Nicole Scherzinger made sure she was in the spotlight for a change by turning up to Jonathan Ross's annual Halloween party in eye-popping leather catsuit.

IBtimes UK has complied a picture gallery of some of the best Halloween costumes from this year.

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