Middle East

Helen Mirren Mirren was in Jerusalem to host the Genesis Prize or Jewish Nobel.
11 hours ago
Rio Olympics 2016 The IOC says it wants to protect the Olympic movement in Kuwait from undue government interference.
19 hours ago
Twitter use Women being reported to authorities in Kuwait, where blasphemy can carry the death penalty.
35 hours ago
Dubai alcohol rules Eating or drinking in public places is still prohibited during Ramadan
38 hours ago
Varanasi widows The annual day of global action is celebrated on 23 June.
38 hours ago
German Tornado jets Incirlik Former German defence minister describes decision as "absurd."
38 hours ago
A Syrian refugee woman The border area has been declared a closed 'military zone' prohibiting movement without prior notice.
2 days ago
Bahrain cleric crackdown UN expresses concerns over 'intimidation and reprisals' after Ayatollah Sheikh Isa Qassim made stateless.
2 days ago
Fallujah It counters claims by the Iraqi prime minister that the coalition had retaken the Iraqi city.
3 days ago
Aleppo hospital shelled UN Commission of Inquiry on Syria documents chilling human rights abuses by Jihadists during conflict.
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Morgan Stanley denies it will move 2,000 London staff abroad following Brexit

9 hours ago
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