Vienna has been ranked highest for quality of living, according to the Mercer's 19th annual Quality of Living survey, who gave the Austrian city the title for the eighth year running. The survey considers the infrastructure, transport connections, economic stability of a city, along with social unrest and growing political upheaval – all of which ultimately affect the quality of living.

Ilya Bonic, senior partner and president of Mercer's Career business stated that all of these issues add to the "complex challenge multinational companies face when analysing quality of living for their expatriate workforce." He continues, explaining that "for multinationals and governments it is vital to have quality of living information that is accurate, detailed, and reliable."

Three German cities also made the top ten, with Munich in fourth place, Dusseldorf sixth and Frankfurt seventh. Basel in Switzerland a newcomer to the list, came tenth, joint with Sydney, Australia. In North America, Canadian cities take the top positions in the ranking, with Vancouver coming in fifth place and is once again the region's highest ranking city for quality of living.

IBTimesUK presents a list of the top ten cities which have the highest quality of living:

1. Vienna, Austria:

Highest quality of living
Vienna, AustriaiStock

2. Zurich, Switzerland:

Highest quality of living
Zurich, GermanyiStock

3. Auckland, New Zealand:

Highest quality of living
Auckland, New ZealandiStock

4. Munich, Germany:

Highest quality of living
Munich, GermanyiStock

5. Vancouver, Canada:

Highest quality of living
Vancouver, CanadaiStock

6. Dusseldorf, Germany:

Highest quality of living
Dusseldorf, GermanyiStock

7. Frankfurt, Germany:

Highest quality of living
Frankfurt, GermanyiStock

8. Geneva, Switerland:

Highest quality of living
Geneva, SwitzerlandiStock

9. Copenhagen, Denmark:

Highest quality of living
Copenhagen, DenmarkiStock

10. Basel, Switzerland:

Highest quality of living
Basel, SwitzerlandiStock

10. Sydney, Australia:

Highest quality of living
Sydney, AustraliaiStock

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