Sixty photographs portraying the Queen's 60's years as a ruler have been displayed to celebrate her Diamond Jubilee. The Queen 60 Photographs will be held at Windsor Castle from February 4 to October 28.

The Queen is celebrating her 60th anniversary as a monarch in Britain on Monday displaying 60 photographs of her from 1952, the time she became the ruler. There are several photographs that portray the Queen's golden moments on both official occasions and family gatherings.

Several priceless photos are displayed at Windsor Castle like a black-and-white photograph of the royal couple's arrival by train at Derby Midland station in March 1957. President John F Kennedy and First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy were photographed with the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh when they dined together at Buckingham Palace in 1961. The Queen and President Ronald Reagan were pictured riding side by side at the Home Park at Windsor in 1982. In 2009, Laga Gaga met the Queen, which was also photographed.

Colourful photographs document overseas trips, including a visit to Mexico in 1975, to the Solomon Islands and Tuvalu in 1982, India in 1983 and to Canada in 2010.

Photographers have recorded each and every golden moment of the Queen in the past 60 years. Take a look:

The Queen, accompanied by The Duke of Edinburgh, is seated in the magnificent Gold State Coach, ready to depart from Buckingham Palace for Westminster Abbey on Coronation Day in 1953. The Queen’s was the last procession to leave the Palace, with an escort of the Yeomen of the Guard, the Household Cavalry, and the Royal Bargemaster and Royal Watermen .Royal Collection
The Queen was crowned on 2 June 1953 in Westminster Abbey. The Coronation service began at 11.15 am and lasted almost three hours, concluding at 2.00 pm, after which The Queen, wearing the Imperial State Crown and carrying the orb and sceptre, returned to Buckingham Palace in the Gold State Coach. The royal procession, which included over 16,000 participants and covered nearly five miles, finally arrived at the Palace at 4.30 pm.Royal Collection
Delightfully photographs of the Royal Family, including this portrait of The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh with their children, Prince Charles, Princess Anne, and the infant Prince Andrew.Royal Collection
In 1961 President J.F. Kennedy and his wife Jacqueline made a private visit to London, where they were welcomed to Buckingham Palace by The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh. This photograph was taken before the Dinner Party given by The Queen in their honour. Among the other guests were Admiral of the Fleet the Earl Mountbatten of Burma, and Prime Minister Harold Macmillan and his wife, Lady Dorothy.Royal Collection
The Queen is pictured at the Drury Lane Theatre in London, where she attended a Gala Performance of the American musical Hello Dolly! starring Mary Martin, in aid of the Historic Churches Preservation Trust. She is wearing the diamond tiara given to her as a wedding present by her grandmother, Queen Mary, in 1947. It had originally been given to Queen Mary by the Girls of Great Britain and Ireland when, as Princess Victoria Mary of Teck, she married the Duke of York, later King George V, in 1893.Royal Collection
The Queen’s first visit to Mexico, in 1975, she and The Duke of Edinburgh were welcomed by President Echeverria and his wife. Her Majesty’s programme for Tuesday 25 February, when this photograph was taken, included attending a charreada (Mexican rodeo), a visit to a Community Centre, and a tour of the Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City.Royal Collection
The number and extent of the overseas visits undertaken by The Queen during her sixty-year reign must be unprecedented: in her Silver Jubilee year alone, it was estimated that she travelled 56,000 miles. As Head of the Commonwealth, and accompanied by The Duke of Edinburgh, The Queen made two extensive tours in 1977 – the first to the Pacific Islands, New Zealand and Australia, the second to Canada and the Caribbean. The Queen is pictured here with The Duke of Edinburgh during the first of these tours.Royal Collection
The Queen visited the Maori people at Gisborne, North Island. On this occasion The Queen wore a Maori ceremonial cloak made with kiwi feathers – the kahu kiwi, given to her at Rotorua during the first Commonwealth tour in 1953Royal Collection
In October 1982 The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh visited Tuvalu and the Solomon Islands as part of their tour of Australia and the Pacific Islands.Royal Collection
In May 1998 The Queen made a visit to Vindolanda Roman Fort on Hadrian’s Wall. She is pictured here stroking a dog as she tours the site. This dog was already known to The Queen. This is Watney, a dorgi bred by Her Majesty at Windsor two years previously and passed to a friend living near Hexham, and what we are actually seeing is a happy reunion between the two.Royal Collection
The State Visit to Italy in 2000 was The Queen’s fourth visit to that country, the first being in 1951, before her Accession. While in Rome, The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh were granted an audience with Pope John Paul II in the Vatican where they exchanged gifts, after which they viewed the newly restored paintings in the Sistine Chapel.Royal Collection
The reigning monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, is the Head of State for the United Kingdom and 15 other Commonwealth Realms. Born in 1926, as the eldest daughter of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth, she was christened Elizabeth Alexandra Mary, in the private chapel at Buckingham Palace. She received word on Feb. 6, 1952, of her father, King George VI’s death… and that she had now acceded to the throne. She was 25 at the time and in a remote part of Kenya. Her coronation was held at Westminster Abbey on June 2, 1953. The Queen is married to Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, and has four children and eight grandchildren.Royal Collection
This photograph, taken in Her Majesty’s 80th year, captures The Queen’s delighted expression as she watches the flypast of forty planes led by the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, and culminating with the Red Arrows. This was followed by the only feu de joie fired in her presence during her reign.Royal Collection
Lady Gaga performed for the Queen for the first time in 2009Royal Collection
The Queen celebrated her eightieth birthday at Windsor in April 2006, followed by national celebrations in London in June. In the course of 2006, Her Majesty received around 30,000 birthday cards from all over the world. In this photograph, taken in the Regency Room at Buckingham Palace, The Queen is seen with some of her cards.Royal Collection
In September 2010 Prince William completed his training on the Sea King search and rescue helicopter at RAF Valley on Anglesey, graduating as a fully operational pilot.The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh visited their grandson at RAF Valley in April 2011, when the Prince gave his grandparents a personal tour of one of the RAF search and rescue helicopters.Royal Collection