The RAF's Red Arrows aerobatic team are getting ready for their 2014 season. The pilots train three times a day, five days a week, to perfect their split-second timing and complex manoeuvres.

The elite flight team was formed in 1964, making this their 50th season. Getty Images photographer Andrew Caballero-Reynolds travelled to RAF Akrotiri in Limassol, Cyprus, to watch them perform.

The Red Arrows take part in a training session at RAF Akrotiri in Limassol, Cyprus, before the start of their 50th display seasonGetty
look out
Flight Lieutenant Mike Child looks on as the Red Arrows fly over a lighthouse in LimassolGetty
getting ready
Red Arrows' Flight Lieutenant Joe Hourston puts on his flight suit before a training sessionGetty
Red Arrows' Flight Lieutenant Olly Parr prepares for a practise sessionGetty
sun set
Red Arrows jets parked on the runway         Getty
lined up
Ground crew stand at attention after inspecting the Red Arrows planes before they taxi for take-offGetty
red white blue
Nine Red Arrows jets in a formation many fans have become familiar with           Getty
Two Red Arrows practise their acrobatic displays              Getty
A family watches the Red Arrows practise ahead of their 2014 seasonGetty
Red Arrow planes are parked on the flight line at RAF AkrotiriGetty
The Red Arrows are training at RAF Akrotiri ahead of their 50th display seasonGetty