Rihanna in Brasilia (2011)
Singer Rihanna performs during a concert as part of her tour for her latest album "Loud" in Nilson Nelson gymnasium in Brasilia September 21, 2011.

Pop superstar, Rihanna has cemented her sex symbol status after dishing out tips for the bedroom to clubbers during a night out in London.

The 23-year-old Umbrella singer was out celebrating her brother Rorrey's 22nd birthday at Whisky Mist in Mayfair on Sunday night when she led the partygoers in a singsong, before imparting her words of wisdom.

The Bajun star who was letting her hair down after her concert at The O2 arena said: "I left home at 16 and had to learn to look after myself. But now we're back friends stronger than ever. Always use a condom."

According to The Sun newspaper, a source said: "Rihanna is the best big sister. She sorted for all these girls to accompany her brother back to her hotel, along with friends of his too. They had a great time and she treated them like kings."

The singer, who is currently on her 'Loud' Tour across Europe, was clearly glad to have some down-time and reportedly splashed out on 15 bottles of champagne and six bottles of vodka for her brother and other happy clubbers.