The state funeral of Kim Jong-il has started in Pyongyang.

Kim Jong-un, son of the deceased leader, led the procession by walking alongside the hearse which carried the body of his father.

Official television footage showed thousands of people including uniformed soldiers and citizens weeping beside the body of Kim Jong-il at the Kumsusan Memorial Palace in Pyongyang.

Kim died of a heart attack on December 17.

Here are the pictures of the people mourning the loss of the "Dear Leader", ahead of the state funeral:

South Koreans watch TV broadcast of Kim Jong-il's funeralReuters
North Korean soldiers mourn their deceased leader, Kim Jong-ilReuters
North Koreans mourn their deceased leader Kim Jong-il in PyongyangReuters
Mourners for North korea's Kim Jong-il rush forwardReuters
Workers at Heungnam Shoe Factory cry in front of a persimmon tree which North Korean leader Kim Jong-il had looked at when he was visiting the factory in Hamheung.Reuters
South Koreans watch TV broadcastReuters
On the streets of Pyongyang, ordinary people hang their heads in griefReuters
Party cadres at the funeral service of Kim Jong-ilReuters