Do we really need another report speculating on the greatest city to live in the world? PriceWaterHouseCoopers certainly thinks so.

The report, produced in conjunction with the Partnership for New York City, graded 26 metro areas from Stockholm to Santiago on business opportunities, culture, livability, and innovation. And it's no surprise that the authors hometown of new York comes out on top.

Accroding to Merrill Pond, vice president at the Partnership for New York City and the chief architect of the report, a great city is all about growing, retaining and attracting talent.

"Whether it's Stockholm with its strong education system or Toronto benefiting from its smart immigration policies, getting and keeping talent matters."

Here is the top ten. At least this time Vancouver is nowhere to be seen.

The high Australian dollar is here to stay. According to Australia's new Treasury Secretary, Australians should get used to the high dollar and many Australians are already finding ways to take advantage of the upward trend. One of which is travelling abroad. Searches for New York is among the top searches made by Australians in Travel, according to Google Search Insight.REUTERS/Lucas Jackson
2 :: TORONTO - Will never outshine the world's global cities but still features all the hallmarks of a great international hub. A world leader in sustainability and innovation.REUTERS/Fred Thornhill/Files
3 :: SAN FRANCISCO - Progressive social policies coupled with a highly educated population means the city holds its own as a business centre.REUTERS/Robert Galbraith
4 :: STOCKHOLM - Although the city lacks an aesthetic impact it is competitive in virtually every category in the report. High taxes and a lack of foreign investment hold it back.Bob Strong / Reuters
The Australian city is the sixth most expensive city to live in.REUTERS/Tim Wimborne
6 :: LONDON - Despite being one of the most vibrant cities in Europe, London's high cost of living is holding it back.REUTERS/Suzanne Plunkett
7 :: CHICAGO - Matches almost every other city in the report in terms of liveability but it doesn't attract much international attention compared to its brethren, from either foreign families or investors.REUTERS/Larry Downing
8 :: PARIS - Paris continues to lead the world in quality of infrastructure, transportation, lifestyle assets and economic reputation, but it falls behind in sustainability and ease of doing business.REUTERS/Benoit Tessier
9 :: SINGAPORE - One of the easiest places to do business coupled with world-renowned health care and education systems sees the city edge out its neighbours.REUTERS/Tim Chong