With no end in sight to the flooding misery, government ministers, opposition leaders and even royalty have descended on Somerset and the Thames Valley to show that they really care.

Some politicians have been heckled by locals who accused them of merely staging photo-opportunities.

Owen Paterson
Environment secretary Owen Paterson was heckled when he visited Moorland on the Somerset LevelsGetty
Prince Charles 1
Prince Charles went to see if he could calm the waters, visiting the flooded Somerset Levels by boat...Reuters
prince charles 2
...and whatever this thing was. The Prince of Wellies said: 'There's nothing like a jolly good disaster to get people to start doing something.'Reuters
Cameron 1
The prime minister first waded into the crisis on 7 February, promising 'everything that can be done will be done'Getty
Ukip leader Nigel Farage stuck his oar in on 9 February, criticising the government's response as too little, too lateGetty
cameron 1
David Cameron was back in the West Country on 10 February to demonstrate he was firmly in charge of getting the trains back in service...Getty
cameron 2
...shoring up the shingle on the beaches...Getty
cameron 3
...and just generally pointing at thingsGetty
Farage again
Nigel Farage was back in Somerset on the 11th, donning his waders and 10-gallon hatGetty
Defence secretary Philip Hammond got into deep water in Wraysbury, Berkshire, when he was confronted by a volunteer who claimed that the government had abandoned flood victimsReuters
Labour decided they'd better be seen to be doing something, so Ed Miliband dipped his toe into the waters at Wraysbury. He was heckled for his troubles and accused of merely seeking a photo opportunityGetty