Transformer Pad Infinity is the latest creation in its newly released Android tablet lineup from Asus. It is the big brother to Transformer Pad 300 that got its official bootloader unlocking tool just a couple of months ago.

The flagship tablet - Transformer Pad Infinity - from Asus' 2012 lineup of Android slates comes with a locked bootloader, which prevents tweaking and modding of the device tedious.Thanks to the Debugfs automated tool by XDA senior member sparkym3, it is now possible to root your TF700T with a simple keystroke on the device. Rooting allows you to install third-party tweaks and apps including the overclocking ability for your device.

Following in the footsteps of HTC, Sony and soon Motorola, Asus has released the bootloader unlocking tool (required to install before rooting) for Transformer Pad Infinity TF700T. This opens up a great opportunity for tech-savvy users to tweak the settings for maximum performance from the device. The tool is available as a simple APK (Application Programming Kit) that can be downloaded here (613KB).

Key Points to Note

  • Before you proceed with the unlocking and rooting procedure, it is advisable to backup all your important personal data on the tablet. This should be done to avoid the risk of losing data during the rooting process.
  • This guide is meant to work for TF700T Transformer Pad Infinity model with Ice Cream Sandwich onboard and will not work on any other model or platform.
  • Unlocking bootloader and rooting the tablet involves risk of voiding its warranty and causing instability to your device if done incorrectly. The instructions in the guide are for reference purpose only.
  • IBTimes UK will not be held responsible for warranty claims or damage caused to your device as a direct consequence of unlocking and rooting your device with the provided software.

Here is a step-by-step guide to unlocking TF700T Asus Transformer Pad Infinity using the unlocker tool released by Asus [Courtesy: XDA Developers]

How to Unlock Bootloader for TF700T Asus Transformer Pad Infinity

Step 1: Download and save the Unlocker tool (UnLock_Device_App_V7.apk) to the desktop

Step 2: Install UnLock_Device_App_V7.apk

Step 3:  Launch Device Unlocker tool.

Step 4: You will be prompted to accept Asus terms and conditions. Scroll down and select "I agree to the terms" and click I accept button.

Step 5:  Now, you can unlock the device by tapping on the lock icon.

Step 6: At this point, you will get a message in your e-mail account to confirm that password is ok.

Step 7: The device should automatically reboot.  Finally, you will see a confirmation message in the upper left corner reading: "Device is unlocked." This confirms the unlocking process was successful.

For further assistance on unlocking your Asus tablet, check out the video below:

How to Root TF700T Asus Transformer Pad Infinity [Courtesy: The Android Soul]

How to Unlock Bootloader and Root TF700T Asus Transformer Pad Infinity [VIDEO]
Thanks to the Debugfs automated tool by XDA senior member sparkym3, it is now possible to root your TF700T at a simple keystroke on the device. Rooting allows you to install third-party tweaks and apps including the overclocking ability for your device Photo: XDA Developers

Step 1: Download Debugfs root tool package from the official developer page, which will be in compressed zip format.

Step 2: Extract the downloaded file to a quickly accessible location such as the desktop on your computer.

Step 3: Navigate to Settings > Applications and enable Unknown Sources. Also enable USB Debugging under Settings > Applications > Development options.

Step 4: Locate the folder where you extracted the root tool's files.

Step 5: Double-click on the RootDebugfs file to launch the Debugfs root tool. Connect your tablet to the computer via an USB cable. Windows will prompt you to check for the location of drivers for the tablet. Point the installer to the DriversAndroid folder that contains the drivers, where you extracted the tool's system files.

Step 6: Once the drivers are installed, enter or type '1' in the root tool's window. Then follow the onscreen instructions to root your Transformer Pad Infinity.

Important: If you get a "Segmentation Fault" error after the "Testing Superuser.." step in the root process, select Yes in the message prompt, and it will continue to root the device successfully.

Step 7: Now, the root access is enabled for the device and you can give root access to apps whenever they request it by tapping the Allow button on the tablet when prompted.

NOTE: If you do not get a prompt to give root access to apps, go to the Play Store and install Superuser, after which the root prompt will show up properly.

Your Asus Transformer Pad Infinity TF700T is now rooted and you can enjoy root access to install third-party apps and tweaks without any restrictions.