Beyonce, a Dachshund mix female puppy, could be the world's smallest dog according to animal rescuers in northern California.

She weighed just one ounce and fit into a teaspoon when born, reported Reuters.

There are several animals that have been born small and look really cute.

From primates to bears, take a look at other animals that are either small or belong to a small species:

Beyonce, the puppy was born at the home of Beth DeCaprio, executive director of the Grace Foundation. The rescuers have submitted an application to Guinness World Records for Beyonce to be considered the world's smallest dog.REUTERS
A 2004 scan of slide file picture shows a 'Brookesia micra' chameleon on the fingernail of a researchers hand in Madagascar. The so-called 'Brookesia micra' chameleon, believed to be the world smallest, has been discovered on the island of Madagascar, German and American biologists announced on on 16 February 2012.Reuters
Tarsiers, the smallest primates in the world and considered an endangered species, cling to a tree branch inside a cage in a captive breeding center in Loboc, Bohol province in central Philippines on January 20 2006.Reuters
Fourteen inch tall Einstein, a miniature horse, romps in a field in Barnstead, New Hampshire April 23, 2010.REUTERS/Handout
A three-week-old baby Australian Fairy Penguin, the smallest penguin of the 18 species in the world, is placed by the Sydney Aquarium's keeper David Watts onto a weighing machine as part of a daily check-up on 27 October 1999Reuters
Sun bears are the world's smallest species of bears. The sun bear lives in mainland Southeast Asia, Sumatra and Borneo.The World Conservation Union (IUCN) has re-classified the bear species as vulnerableReuters
Feathertail Glider is known as the world's smallest gliding mammal. In picture, Australia's Taronga Zoo keeper Lana Langdale holds Feathertail Glider as she prepares to feed it at Sydney's Taronga Zoo on 2 May 2003Reuters