At least 2 people have been injured in an airstrike by Israel in Gaza. Apparently warplanes honed in on two buildings which the Israeli army believed were weapon-making factories or warehousing facilities.

These were the distressing scenes in Beit Lehiya on the Gaza strip as dozens of people who lived nearby, flocked to the bombsite. They frantically tried to dig out an injured man they'd discovered who'd been buried under debris from the attack. He was rushed to hospital for emergency treatment.

This huge crater and the devastation caused by the strike is a benchmark of the continuing suffering being experienced by the local farming community. It's still a shock to many, even more to those whose homes have been affected- like this woman's: "We were sleeping, we were in a room and the children in the other room. Then we saw missiles falling from a plane nearby the house; Between our house and the site less than 10 meters. The windows were broken, and the walls were damaged. This should not happen"

According to a written statement by the Israeli army, the airstrike was in retaliation to rocket fire into the south of the country and the killing of one of their soldiers shot dead by a Palestinian gunman who infiltrated the border.

Written & Presented by Marverine Cole