A Bath man was sentenced on Wednesday, 6 December, after being caught masturbating in a street while watching a naked woman through her bedroom window.

Kevin John Andrews of Downside Park, Trowbridge in England's Wiltshire has been handed a two-year community order in which he must undertake 15 days of a rehabilitation activity and 55 days of community service. The 35-year-old will also have to pay £85 ($114) court costs, an £85 victim surcharge and a compensation of £100 to the victim.

In the case's previous hearing, Andrews had admitted to outraging public decency and voyeurism when he said he had peeped at a woman through a gap in the curtains of her Oldfield Park home on 30 October while she was applying fake tan on her body.

The Bath Magistrates' Court heard on Wednesday that on the night of the offence, Andrews was seen leaning up against the wall of a house, the Bath Chronicle website reported.

At about 8.20pm, when the victim returned home, she noticed Andrews before entering her house and told her housemate that she found him "creepy", Jeremy Oliver, the prosecution lawyer, told the court.

At around 11pm, one of her housemates noticed a man standing outside and the victim confirmed that it was the same person who she had seen earlier.

When the housemate's boyfriend went out for a cigarette, he saw Andrews standing near the window "moving his hand up and down his crotch area".

The housemates then called the police and Andrews was subsequently arrested, the court heard.

The victim and her housemate were frightened by the incident, Oliver told the court, and the victim also added that it had "freaked her out".

"No one has the right to witness myself during what I consider a very private act," she told the court in her statement.

She also said that she had just had a shower and was in her room applying fake tan at the time. When she eventually heard a disturbance outside, she discovered that the police had been called because a man had been caught masturbating.

Andrews admitted to the offence after being detained by the authorities. He said that as he had difficulty sleeping, he had gone out for a walk and that is when he noticed a naked woman and stopped to watch her for a while through a crack in the curtains.

He told police, "I got turned on and had a little play with myself," the court heard.

Mark Linehan, Andrews' lawyer, said that at the time of the offence, his client was suffering from depression and stress as his father had died earlier in the year. Linehan added that Andrews found the incident "deeply embarrassing" and regretted his act.

Andrews previously had no convictions, the court was also told.