Public donations are pouring in for a film to help put former Prime Minister Tony Blair "behind bars" by George Galloway.

Bradford West MP Galloway launched an appeal on social media to raise £50,000 to fund the production of the Killing of Tony Blair.

Only hours after going live on the crowd sourcing website Kickstarter, donations had surged to more than £20,000 - almost half the target total.

Galloway, who was expelled in 2003 from the Labour party, has long spoken out against Blair - and the Killing of Tony Blair looks set to be no different.

Also advertised on the appeal page are t-shirts bearing the slogan: 'Send Blair to the Hague.'

Publicising the project by calling himself an "anti-war campaigner and movie-maker," Galloway promised to "uncover some startling new truths about how he killed the Labour party, killed a million people in Iraq and how he made a real killing out of it all.

He said: "We are already uncovering some amazing new information. It's so amazing it might just stop him in his tracks and if I've got enough breath left, it will take him all the way to the Hague to war crimes trial and the slamming shut of a cell door behind him."

Donors who give £2,000 or more to the cause will have dinner with Galloway and prominent credit in the film. If the firebrand MP's dinners are anything like his media appearances, the occasion promises to be memorable - with him doing most of the talking.

Former boxer Galloway called his campaign against Blair "the heavyweight bout of the decade."