Ever wonder how to make a peanut butter and honey sandwich in space? A quick search on the internet will most likely lead you to Canadian astronaut Colonel Chris Hadfield.

From playing guitar, to showing how astronauts get their hair cut, Hadfield has given those on Earth a rare glimpse into the everyday lives of those living and working on the International Space Station (ISS) through social media.

The veteran astronaut blasted into space on December 19th, 2012 in the Soyuz spacecraft from Kazakhstan and arrived at the ISS on December 21st.

Since his arrival, Hadfield has provided his over 500,000 followers on Twitter, and 70,000 friends on Facebook with spectacular views of Earth.

"People always ask, 'what it is like in space' and 'what's your favorite thing?'. The favorite thing is looking out the window and that's not just because it's pretty, it's because it's fundamental to your soul to see the world this way. When I was waiting for this to start, you can't help but go to the window and look and think about where we are. My fundamental goal is to get people, as best as I can, to be able to see the world that way. To see it as one small place, one bubble of air that keeps us all alive, that we are responsible for, and just how close we are to each other. It's a perspective that is healthy for us as a species and it's one that we are very privileged to see, and I'm doing my very best to see that as clearly as I can," Hadfield said about his prolific tweets.

The 53-year-old, a veteran of two Shuttle missions, will become the first Canadian to assume command of the ISS later on Wednesday night.

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