Another meeting of two sides at the opposite ends of the table, Chelsea who have been reasonably good winning most of their matches and Bolton, just the opposite, who find themselves at the bottom of the table winning very few matches.

Chelsea's shocking 2-0 defeat against Everton in the last game may have affected their morale. Also, their last three fixtures against Manchester United, Swansea City and Norwich city have all ended in a draw. So Chelsea will be trying their best to get a positive result.

Bolton Wanderers have had a humiliating season with 17 losses so far. Except for their six wins including a 3-1 and 2-1 victory over Liverpool and Everton respectively, their run this season has been pretty poor. Bolton, who is dangerous wandering in the drop-zone, will soon be kicked out off the premier league if they don't pull up their socks.


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