Cliff Richard
Cliff Richard was named as a suspected sex offender by South Yorkshire Police but has since been awarded damages. Jeff Spicer/Getty Images

Sir Cliff Richard has settled his legal fight with South Yorkshire Police after the force named him as suspected sex offender.

Sir Cliff filed a claim against the force in October 2016 for a publicly naming him as the subject of a sex offence investigation in 2014.

The 76-year-old also sued the BBC, who filmed and broadcast footage of officers searching his Berkshire home.

He was the subject of a long-running investigation by South Yorkshire which centred on accusations dating between 1958 and 1983 made by four men

Sir Cliff was never prosecuted or charged for sexual offences as the Crown Prosecution Service deemed there was insufficient evidence.

He is reported to have sought "very substantial" damages from the two organisations for infringing his privacy.

His lawyers said he had suffered "profound and long lasting harm".

High Court judge Mr Justice Mann was today informed that police chiefs and Sir Cliff had agreed terms.

At a hearing in March, South Yorkshire Police claimed they were "strong-armed" into giving information about the probe to a BBC reporter.

Legal proceedings were suspended in May as all parties had agreed to enter a negotiation period.

The BBC is still disputing the damages claim and could be back in court with Sir Cliff in the next few weeks.

The broadcaster has defended its coverage of the investigation, stating that it had given prominence to Sir Cliff's "full denial of the allegations at every stage".