The late start that women were given to the world of business often puts them at a disadvantage and leads to them being overlooked and underestimated. We reached out to two leading female entrepreneurs Dr. Catherine Chang and Ana Skoumal, who have made a huge impact within their respective male-dominated industries. Here, both women share ways that female entrepreneurs can succeed and stand out in their industry.

Dr. Catherine Chang and Ana Skoumal
Dr. Catherine Chang and Ana Skoumal Dr. Catherine Chang and Ana Skoumal

Dr. Catherine Chang is a celebrity plastic surgeon based in Beverly Hills, she has gained success within an industry that is notorious for being both male-dominated and competitive. Ana Skoumal's award-winning role as a business and trademark lawyer comes with over ten years of experience as a social media influencer and personal branding expert, she currently runs her own law firm ANA LAW LLC. Both women agree that one of the fastest ways to stand out as a female entrepreneur is to create connections with other women in business. Dr. Catherine Chang says, "Standing out doesn't mean standing on others, the women who have gone before you in your industry can offer you essential insight." Ana Skoumal agrees with this sentiment adding, "One woman's victory within her industry is a victory for every woman in any industry." Both women share that another way to hold your own within a male-dominated industry is to always remember your worth. Ana Skoumal states, "Always remember the journey that you took to reach where you are and remember that you have important insights and ideas to share." Dr. Catherine Chang adds to this saying, "Never underestimate yourself, by simply following your desire to become a female entrepreneur you have already proven that you have the drive that it takes to succeed."

Dr. Catherine Chang and Ana Skoumal both feel that women have a huge amount to offer the entrepreneurial world and they believe in the need for equality and inclusion so that women in business can achieve their full potential.