Ecuador Foreign Minister Ricardo Patino, currently on a visit to Vietnam, said on Monday (June 24) that his nation has received a request for political asylum from Edward Snowden, the former U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) contractor, but no decision had been taken.

"Yes we did receive a request for asylum from Mr Snowden. We are going to have a press conference tonight at seven here in the hotel, you are all invited to attend. I can only confirm that we did receive a request for asylum from Mr Snowden and we are analysing it. We know that he is currently in Moscow, and we are in touch with the highest authorities in Russia," Patino said.

"Let us end speculation, we will make the decision in time. We are analysing it with a lot of responsibility and taking good care of it. Because it has to do with the freedom of expression, with the security of citizens around the world, and therefore we have to analyse it deeply. and also with confidentiality of communications," Patino said.