Egypt closed its crossing with Gaza on Wednesday (September 11) after assailants crashed two explosive-laden cars into a security building adjacent to the border area, killing six Egyptian soldiers.

Events in neighbouring Egypt have resonated strongly in the Gaza Strip. Hamas, who controls the coastal enclave, is an offshoot of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood. Brotherhood figure Mohamed Morsi was overthrown as president by the military in July following mass protests.

Since Morsi's ouster, Egyptian authorities have imposed tight restrictions at the Rafah border terminal, Gaza's main window to the world, limiting to 250 the number of Palestinians allowed to cross daily into Egypt. Some 1,200 people a day used to pass through before Morsi's removal.

At least twice since July, Egypt shut the crossing for more than 24 hours, citing security concerns.

Hamas says some 5,000 people, including students planning to study in Cairo and beyond and patients seeking treatment in Egypt, are stuck in Gaza awaiting permission to cross. Residents living in third countries and visiting relatives in Gaza need to travel back via Egypt, and are also stranded.

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