Ashocking video that shows a man brutally assaulting his 3-year-old daughter in front of the child's mother is making rounds on social media. The footage shows him flogging the child repeatedly with a rope before grabbing her by the neck.

An investigation has been launched into the crime which happened in the Southern Indian state of Telangana, reported The Indian Express. The incident came to light after a neighbor recorded the attack without the parents' knowledge.

Police identified the accused as M Nagaraju, a 32-year-old municipal contract worker. The video shows Nagaraju hitting the child with a rope before lifting her by her neck. He also slaps the toddler on her face. The father then slams the child on the floor before walking away. The girl is also seen crying in pain.

"The video was shot by some unknown persons on the night of Sept. 18. The mother told us that the girl was beaten up as she refused to have food. As the father is absconding, we are yet to get full details. We don't know if he has been beating her up regularly," a senior police official said.

The girl's mother, Vennala, was also present at home during the attack. However, she did nothing to stop her husband from thrashing the child.

After the incident became apparent, authorities moved the mother and child away from the home. While the mother is undergoing counseling at a government service center, the child has been rescued and transferred to a safer place.

Police said the man has been charged with voluntarily causing hurt by dangerous weapons or means and cruelty to a child under the Juvenile Justice Act. No charges have been made against the mother as she did not assault the child.

A similar incident was recently reported in India where a woman filmed herself assaulting her 18-month-old child. The child could be seen bleeding profusely from his nose and mouth while the woman continued with the abuse. Another video showed the mother hammering the child's leg with her fist. The child was found with red patches on his back from the brutal beatings.

Representational image. Photo: Pixabay