Angela Merkel's visit to Greece is expected to stir up widespread resentment with fears of large scale violence. Merkel has often been seen as one of the hated figures in Greece and even been compared to Adolf Hitler by some local media.

With this in mind police have announced that rallies and open-air gatherings are prohibited in central Athens until Merkel leaves the country. Such a ban on street rallies has not been imposed on the country since 1974 when the military rule was ousted.

This local resident when asked about the expected strikes was rather pragmatic saying what was the point? as decisions had been made already as to Greece receiving further funding.

"How can it help? It has all been worked out already anyway, in order for us to receive the next loan instalment. Whatever must pass must pass through European parliament. Even if she wanted to do something for us, and I don't think she holds any special fondness for us, there are procedures that have to proceed."

Protesters took to the streets on the eve of Merkel's visit which went on till the night, to give a hint of what can be expected on the day of Merkel's presence. There is widespread fear that the volatile protests could burst into violence.

Written and presented by Ann Salter