To extend or not to extend, at Heathrow Airport, that is the question. And Justine Greening the Transport Secretary answered the question head on, by declaring the government remains opposed to a third runway at Heathrow and other options needed to be considered - including building a new hub airport.

However this may not be a popular decision with some Ministers and Conservative MP's who are calling for a change of heart. Citing that Heathrow should be extended, as a hub, for international business. In an article in The Telegraph, backbencher and recent convert Tim Yeo has thrown his hat into the ring by saying David Cameron must show whether he was a "man or a mouse" by backing the idea.

So, aside from the aviation industry and its unfettered onward roll of domination, what does this mean at grass roots level? Heathrow protestors estimate over 10,000 people will have their homes demolished or rendered unliveable by air pollution. Accompanied by record levels of pollution not just affecting Londoners, but at least 2 million in the UK.

In a statement released by Downing Street, it said the coalition would stick by its commitment that there would not be a third runway and that is a pledge that we will keep.

Written and presented by Ann Salter