Thailand's National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) has revealed that two new iPhone models have been approved for sale in the country.The development serves as one of the first authentic confirmations (outside Apple) of the next generation of iPhones.

According to MacRumors, "Apple has already met with officials at the country's NBTC to discuss the recent disclosure that two iPhone 6 models have been approved by the government agency for import into the Asian country."

The approved devices include two "iPhone 6" models A1586 and A1524. As per NBTC's guidelines, approved devices need to be publicly announced. The declaration, which was also made on Twitter, contained nothing more than product names and model numbers of the iPhone 6, offering no other details.

Apple is without doubt upset with this public revealing of its products as the disclosure has released confidential information about its upcoming handset. In response to this, the NTBC argued that these announcements do not reveal confidential product details and are meant to protect consumers.

The secretary general said that everything is done according to the protocol and on 8 August, the NTBC has approved the two phone models. He insisted that all that was disclosed is not considered a trade secret and Apple only requested for the specification to remain a secret. As for the specs, the NBTC did not disclose anything.

Via TechnoBuffalo