A series of roadside bombings, exploding cars and gun battles have killed at least 82 people across Iraq in the country's bloodiest day this year.

The attacks came days after the Iraqi leader of Al Qaeda warned in a statement, that the militant group is targeting areas that US and coalition troops have withdrawn from. The first explosion targeted a police vehicle patrolling Te'ssin neighbourhood in central Kirkuk while other attacks targeted civilians.

This unnamed eyewitness can be heard to ask where the National Guard was to protect ordinary people against Al Qaeda attacks

" Where are the national guards and how long should such destruction continue? Even in Ramadan. We would ask them [authorities] because they claim that everything is under control. Why? Just poor people were killed in the attack. "

Meanwhile children stand around the smouldering wreckage of another car bomb which ripped through a busy local marketplace car park, 20 mile south of the Iraqi capital Baghdad. 11 people were killed and 38 people were injured in the town after three car bombs went off in quick succession. The second blast detonated after police arrived at the scene, killing the officers who had turned up to help.

This is the deadliest day in Iraq since 13 June with 82 people dead. The past two weeks had seen a lull, in violence in the lead-up to the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, which started in Iraq on Saturday.

Written and Presented by Ann Salter