A woman has been pulled alive from the rubble of a building which collapsed during yesterday's earthquake in northern Italy. She'd been trapped for more than ten hours.

Rescue workers at this housing block in Carvezzo feared the worst, as they worked their way through tons of twisted metal and rubble. But as soon as they had an inkling someone might be alive, they redoubled their frantic efforts to get through the rocks and concrete to reach them.

Trapped in the ruins of her own home was a 65-year-old woman, who'd apparently returned to her flat in what was a 4-storey building early yesterday morning just as the 5.8 magnitude tremor struck. A kitchen cupboard which fell down on top of her ended up forming a protective shield around her, stopping her being crushed altogether. Now she's safe in the protective hands of the local hospital, getting urgent treatment for her injuries.

Not everyone was so lucky. Here fire-fighters take away the body of a 17th person who was found in this collapsed factory building in Medolla.

These people at a campsite had a lucky escape when the quake happened just after breakfast yesterday.

And so did this local TV News reporter as she just about managed to stay upright as the aftershock came through 3 hours later.

Displaced families here in Mirandola are facing potentially weeks or months ahead of them in this makeshift accommodation. They're struggling to make sense of it all. This lady says "I am very tense. We'll need time to sort ourselves out. Now I'm going to spend a few days at the sea with my husband and children, to try and calm ourselves down and relax. I am afraid, but not that we won't survive, because in life I have always been strong - I've also fought against illness. I was afraid but I'm trying to be strong."

These people now living in these tented villages are among the 8,000 made homeless, who join 6,000 from the quake that happened just ten days ago.

Written and Presented by Marverine Cole