Jeremy Corbyn's team have used an IBTimes UK video without authorisation in a tweet to attack Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron on Friday (20 January).

The 'ripped' footage, in which Farron fails to rule out going into a coalition government with the Conservatives again, was posted on the Labour leader's official verified Twitter account @JeremyCorbyn.

The move comes hours after Farron ruled out a Liberal Democrat-Labour electoral pact as Corbyn has promised to not block the invoking of Article 50, the mechanism to split from the EU.

The footage was brought to the attention of IBTimes UK. It included an edited version of an interview by senior political reporter Ian Silvera with added text and sound effects. Several hours after a request for attribution via Twitter had been made, no one from Labour had responded.

An IBTimes UK spokesperson said: "While it is flattering to know that the Labour leader and his team watch International Business Times UK video and consume our content, we have not received any requests for use of this material.

"Standard protocol is to request permission from the content creator and/or to credit any use. It was something of a surprise therefore to see this video appear on Jeremy Corbyn's verified Twitter account without its original IBT branding and edited to add sound effects."

The Liberal Democrat press office, meanwhile, did respond to the tweet at the time. Later, a Liberal Democrat source said: "Labour like their position on Article 50 is useless. Corbyn is toxic and they are just a shambles."

UPDATE: The video was removed from Corbyn's Twitter account on Monday 23 January.