The founder of Wikipedia, Jimmy Wales, believes the European Parliament needs to act quickly to change the law regarding the high-profile right to be forgotten ruling, which could see Google become "the arbiter of history".

Wales spoke to IBTimes UK this week at Google's UK headquarters in central London where he was one of the judges at the company's Global Impact Awards.

Wales has publicly ridiculed the European Court of Justice ruling previously, and said this week that no matter what you view on privacy, the current situation is simply untenable.

"I think there are a lot of people there who realise that whereever you stand on privacy and freedom of speech, we almost certainly don't want to organise society so that Google is forced to be the arbiter of history."

Today [1 August] marks 81 days since individuals gained the right to request the removal from search results of online content related to them.

So far Google says it has received over 90,000 removal requests. Of these Google has complied with 50,000, rejected about 27,000 while seeking further information in another 13,000 cases.