She is often called stunning and gorgeous by her fans. And, it was no different when Kelly Brook shared throwback photos of herself on social media on Friday (2 February).

One of the snaps shows the 38-year-old holding the Union Jack while posing in her two-piece outfit. She is seen smiling and is wearing bottoms inspired by the checkered flag that is waved to show a car has crossed the finish line first.

FlashBack Friday as Formula One Grid Girl 🏎 #KeeptheGridGirls 🏎🏎🏎🏎🏎🏎

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The next picture shows Brook smiling at the camera dressed in a checkered flag-inspired low-cut top. Her hair is let loose and she is wearing light makeup.

"FlashBack Friday as Formula One Grid Girl #KeeptheGridGirls," she wrote alongside the photos she shared with her fans on Instagram.

Her fans have commented on the photos, calling her "beautiful" and "gorgeous".

"You are an ABSOLUTELY BREATHTAKING BEAUTY from head to toe then as you are now!!!! " a fan said, while another added, "You looked very pretty but I like how you look now better!"

"Nothing wrong looking at beauty! It would be a dull world without. Too many do-gooders on this planet. How dull would life be without Kelly Brook!" an admirer said, while another added, "You were beautiful. And you are beautiful. You will be beautiful."

Brook's post also sparked a debate among her fans on Formula 1's announcement on Wednesday to scrap grid girls from the start of the 2018 season.

A fan said, "If women are happy to do it and other people don't overstep the mark with those women then I don't see why they should stop doing this. The world has gone mad!" Another added, "Keep the grid girls, a touch of glamour never hurt anybody. And it's a good living for the girls. Can't beat Kelly thought."

However, some disagreed with the idea of having grid girls. "I disagree. It's time to end outdated objectification of women and enter the modern world," one fan wrote.