The Liberal Democrat's Autumn conference wraps up in Brighton today and Nick Clegg's calling for MPs and supporters alike to 'stick with us' and keep supporting the coalition, despite the tough times. Amid constant headlines about policy rows with the Conservatives and a dip in popularity in those all-important opinion polls, the Deputy Prime Minister will face his party faithful in Brighton and to his re-emphasise that the Liberal Democrats are no longer just a protest party.

Party leader Nick Clegg's already had fun poked at him about his recent apology for not sticking to certain pledges he made before the Lib Dems joined the coalition and, so grasping the mettle and proving he's taking the right decisions to lead his party right the way through to the next election is most definitely the order of the day.

He's going to war on the issue of tax too: with £10billion worth of cuts earmarked for the last financial year of parliament, he doesn't reckon people on benefits should be the only target. He wants the Tories to agree that the rich should pay their fair share.

Schools and struggling families are a focus too: secondary schools in England are going to get a £500 boost for every 11-year old that's arrived from Primary School as an underperformer when it comes to English and Maths. That's a £55m investment in 110,000 'failing' children.

Written and Presented by Marverine Cole