A nurse who clubbed a woman on the head with a rolling pin has been banned from working in the profession for at least five years.

Lynne Abraham claimed the incident was an accident. It was not investigated by police and she hid the truth about it during an internal investigation by claiming that the victim had hit her first.

The Five Boroughs Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, which was responsible for the hospital where the incident occurred, was kept in the dark about it.

In a separate case, Abraham faced charges at Wigan and Leigh Magistrates' Court for breaching the peace towards the same women.

She kept that episode away from bosses too.

Her lies however started to unravel and Abraham faced five allegations at a London tribunal which she did not attend.

She admitted that she did not disclose the referral over the rolling pin incident to Wigan Safeguarding Board, or her court appearances for breaching the peace, prior to the tribunal hearing.

The panel found her fitness to practice impaired and ordered that her name should be struck from the register, a move that bars Abraham from applying to work as a psychiatric nurse for five years.