A speech by U.S. President Barack Obama to the Democratic National Convention on Thursday night left his audience enthused.

Accepting the presidential nomination of his party, Obama asked Americans for patience in rebuilding the weak economy as he appealed for a new term in office and defiantly rejected Republican Mitt Romney's proposals to restore growth.

When his speech was over, audience members were eager to share their excitement and this nationally televised address was his best opportunity yet in this campaign to connect with millions of Americans. These two Democrats agreed with his statement that this is an America for everyone and appealed for US citizens to vote for Obama

"I think the fact that he included everybody, this is an America for everybody, for all the people, it's not just for a select few, but this is something that we're all born to work on together."

"He needs America to get off their butts and show up at the polls, that's what he needs. They think that 19 million people will not vote, the majority of them Obama supporters and so tonight when he said this is about citizenship, I was really struck by that because all these people say to me they don't feel like voting…Hey you live in the United States, the President is the leader of the world, you're an American, you're a citizen and you're the only one who gets to vote for him, so don't want something that's so precious and so many people around this planet would use…get out and vote."

Written and presented by Ann Salter