For us the 2012 Olympics party is over. And today it was Rio's turn as the Olympic flag arrived in Rio de Janeiro, to mark the official start of the city's preparations to host the summer Games in 2016.

City mayor Eduardo Paes and the President of the Brazilian Olympic Committee Carlos Arthur Nuzman stepped from the plane proudly waving the flag. It will continue to the capital Brasilia for a ceremony with President Dilma Rousseff. It will then tour Rio's notorious slums and some areas in the city's poor outskirts.

London Mayor Boris Johnson, said he never wanted to hand the flag over, at the closing ceremony on Sunday, to Brazil the host country of the 2016 games, but he did, however reluctantly for him, and us. So Let's hope Rio has as much fun and pride with hosting the 2016 games as we did.

Written and presented by Ann Salter