Articles by Alastair Stevenson

HTC Quad-Core Supreme Edge A new report has arisen suggesting the quad-core beast formerly known as the Edge is actually called the Supreme.
Nov 25, 2011
WWE '12 Review Proving that you're never too old to enjoy a bit of good old fashioned fake violence, WWE '12 does exactly what is says on the box, offering gamers a chance to don their heroes' sweat covered spandex and partake in a bit of good old-fashion wrestling.
Nov 22, 2011
Dungeon Siege III Though it's been a busy year for game developers, 2011's actually seen a pretty light RPG offering, with developers more interested in adding role-playing dynamics to other genres than making an RPG proper. That said there have been a few stand-out titles that no true RPG fan should be without come 25 December.
Nov 21, 2011