The ease of online shopping has created a warm, comfortable place for most consumers. Thanks to the increasing growth of e-commerce, everything you need is only a few clicks away. As this new normal settles in, Alecksandro Rizzo and Sean McCarthy caution brands against making avoidable mistakes that might put consumers off.

Sean McCarthy & Alecksandro Rizzo
Sean McCarthy & Alecksandro Rizzo Sean McCarthy & Alecksandro Rizzo

According to Alecksandro Rizzo, shopping is now less about the purchase and more about the experience. A consumer's interaction with a brand determines their loyalty and commitment to the brand. As Sean McCarthy puts it, shopping is about customer service before the purchase. While many businesses are stepping up their customer service efforts, Sean McCarthy and Alecksandro Rizzo have observed that some companies drop the ball on this crucial factor. Therefore, here are three Alecksandro Rizzo and Sean McCarthy approved ways to deliver customer delight:

●Improve your response times

The modern consumer is not very patient. Sean McCarthy says customers expect responses almost immediately, and if they don't get this with you, they shift to the next brand within minutes. Alecksandro Rizzo adds that speed is what pulls clients to brands. The average response time has been 12 hours for most businesses; however, with the growth of social media as a marketing tool for businesses, these times should shrink down to an hour. Alecksandro Rizzo and Sean McCarthy state that responding to consumers as quickly as possible makes all the difference.

●Understand your customers

Consumers today thrive on interaction with the brands they use. They want to associate with brands that know their needs and wants at all times. Personalization is an attractive look on businesses for modern consumers, says Sean McCarthy. Alecksandro Rizzo adds that little things, such as remembering a customer's name, previous conversation, or minor details, can make customers feel appreciated and heard. Therefore, start by understanding who your customers are, what they want and need, and work on delivering this in a personalized way.

Listen to your customers

Customer feedback is extremely valuable to the growth of any business. Sean McCarthy says that even negative feedback is crucial; it helps you understand where you need to focus your changes. Alecksandro Rizzo explains that listening to customers brings you closer to them and goes a long way in establishing lasting relations between you and the consumer. Sean McCarthy adds that listening to your customers doesn't just mean taking their suggestions and sitting on them; you need to enact those changes to keep your customers happy and interested in your brand.
The customer is king, and as an entrepreneur, you are at their beck and call. Excellent customer service is the best way to keep your customers loyal to your brand. Following Sean McCarthy's and Alecksandro Rizzo's advice, you can delight your customers.