A group of Egyptian protesters have set fire to the campaign headquarters of presidential candidate Ahmed Shafiq in Cairo after the ex-prime minister made it into the second round of the vote.

Here Shafiq supporters can be heard chanting 'Down with the rule of the Muslim brotherhood'

Meanwhile in Tahrir Square thousands of protesters who support Ahmed Shafik the Muslim Brotherhood candidate, stamp their feet and shout anti Shafiq slogans.

The mood then changes quickly as chaos breaks out. It is not clear who the assailants are but a wave of people separate, as mass scuffles and street fighting breaks out. People run from all directions. You can hear loud shouting. These two foreign people a man and a woman wearing a white top run quickly from the scene to a place of safety.

Ahmed Shafiq was Hosni Mubarak's last prime minister, and his success in the first round of the presidential vote has angered protesters who regard him as a symbol of the deposed president's rule. Shafiq will face the Muslim Brotherhood's Mohamed Mursi in the June 16-17 final election. This promises to be a contest between the two most polarising and controversial figures in the race for presidential success.

Written and Presented by Ann Salter