What do President Donald Trump and Batman villain Bane have in common? They both have given very similar speeches.

Listening to his inaugural speech on 20 January, people on Twitter were quick to find a common thread between particular lines that echoed a speech given by The Dark Knight Rises baddie. "Today we are not merely transferring power from one administration to another or from one party to another, but we are transferring power from Washington, DC, and giving it back to you, the people," the new president of the United States said.

Dark Knight Rises: Latest Pictures of Batman, Bane and Others.
Teaser trailer images of the Dark Knight Rises. Warnerbros/snapshot

"Washington flourished but the people did not share in its wealth. Politicians prospered but the jobs left and the factories closed. The establishment protected itself but not the citizens of our country," he added.

"Their victories have not been your victories. Their triumphs have not been your triumphs and while they celebrated in our nation's capital, there was little to celebrate for struggling families all across our land. That all changes starting right here and right now because this moment is your moment. It belongs to you."

In the 2012 film in which Tom Hardy played the masked villain, Bane expressed a similar sentiment when addressing the people of Gotham. He says he would be taking back the city from "the corrupt! The rich! The oppressors of generations who have kept you down with myths of opportunity, and we give it back to you... the people. Gotham is yours."