A video has emerged showing an Uber driver being subjected to vile abuse from a female passenger who threatens to claim he raped her and then hurls a racist tirade at him after he didn't have a charger for her smartphone.

The nine-minute video captured the screaming exchange during a fare in New York City with the driver recording footage of the female passenger in the back of his car unleashing a rant where she says she will "start screaming out the window that you're raping me" and begins to shout to other road users that "he's touching my vagina". She also falsely accuses the driver of striking her in the face then launches into racist abuse telling the Malian driver to "get the f**k out of my country" and that "Donald Trump is going to send you and your family back". The driver, identified as Bakany Blacky, calmly replies with a simple "thank you" and refuses to drive her to her destination.

It appears the argument began over the driver not being able to provide the passenger with a smartphone charger as he can be heard in the clip saying: "If I don't have a charger, politely ask me. I'll politely tell you... but you start disrespecting me." It swiftly flares into the passenger hitting the back of the seats, screaming at the driver, saying she will spit in his face and the woman saying she'll punch herself in the face and claim the driver was responsible.

"I will punch myself in the face and tell the cops you did it... I'm going to tell them you're holding me against my will." With the driver calmly responding by telling the passenger to exit his taxi she continues to protest and when she eventually sees the driver has been recording her she screams out to pedestrians that the driver has locked her inside the car against her will.

With the driver refusing to rise to the abuse by telling her she can "make up whatever she wants" the passenger eventually exits the vehicle but not before spilling her drink on the seat. After she leaves, Blacky who claims he has been an Uber driver for "two years" and never has never had a problem before, talks into his smartphone on his own tirade calling her a "stupid b***h" and a "tart".

"This is how Uber drivers go through every f**king day, man. People would disrespect us, talk s**t to us like it's nothing, man," he says.

It is unknown when the incident, which was uploaded to LiveLeak, took place and the passenger involved has yet to be publically identified. IBTimes UK has contacted Uber for further information on the incident and received this response:

"The behaviour in this video is abusive and completely unacceptable. As our Community Guidelines make clear, this will not be tolerated by anyone who uses Uber. The rider's account has been banned and Uber is looking into this incident."

Uber has suffered its share of bad publicity over recent months with the taxi app company seeing its own CEO Travis Kalanick go on a rant at one of his drivers as well as former employees claiming the work culture at the company is toxic.