University of Nairobi students threw rocks at police in Kenya's capital as authorities fired back with tear gas in running battles that didn't end until police cornered students in a campus building and fired dozens of rounds of tear gas inside.

tear gas girl
A University of Nairobi student suffering from the effects of tear gas surrenders to policeReuters

Students were demonstrating against a proposed increase in university fees. Several hours into the back-and-forth exchanges, police chased the students into university classrooms and fired tear gas inside.

Some people tried to leave the gas-filled rooms with their hands up but police chased them back inside, sometimes beating them with batons.

face off
Protesting students advance towards Kenyan riot police outside the universityAFP
police gun
A Kenyan riot policeman points a gun at students outside the universityAFP
police point
Kenyan riot police fire tear gas at students outside the University of Nairobi after rocks were thrown at themAFP
Photojournalists run away as a flare explodes during a protest against the planned hiking of fees and lowering of maximum loan awarded to students by the Higher Education Loans BoardReuters
tear gas clouds
A University of Nairobi student attempts to climb through a broken glass door after police released tear gas into lecture rooms to disperse studentsReuters
tear gas students
Students cry after police released tear gas to disperse them inside their lecture rooms at the University of NairobiReuters
Kenyan riot police clash with students inside a classroom at the University of Nairobi. The students were protesting against a controversial fee increase. Police fired tear gas fired and forced their way inside the university to arrest studentsAFP
baton arm
Riot police beat students with batons as they chase them out of a room at the University of NairobiReuters
A girl falls to her knees as she is hit with a batonAFP
baton fear
students detained
Riot police detain University of Nairobi students who were rioting in Kenya's capitalReuters