Disney Is The Latest Company To Cut

Disney Is The Latest Company To Cut Jobs

Disney has retained its status as the largest entertainment company in the world after celebrating the success of its new Disney+ streaming service reaching 86 million subscribers.
By IBT UK Contributor
Rockit -- CEO Sarune Smalakyte Rockit

UK fintechs seek 'cure for Brexit' in Lithuania

Sergejus Muravjovas, CEO of Transparency International Lithuania, said "the ambition to become a fintech centre comes with a responsibility to take money laundering prevention to a new level.
By Vaidotas Beniusis
Uber drivers

UK top court to rule on Uber drivers' status

Uber is calling for companies in the sector to form a joint fund that would allow drivers who work for different apps to be able to access protections and benefits such as paid holidays.
By Jean-Baptiste Oubrier

City of London pays early price of hard Brexit

Financial services -- a key driver of the British economy -- were largely omitted from the last-minute Brexit trade deal agreed between London and Brussels in late December.
By Veronique Dupont