About International Business Times UK

International Business Times UK is a modern digital business publication, oriented to the British market, part of a portfolio that includes 4 other editions published independently in 4 countries.
IBT's mission is to seek the truth in its areas of coverage and to promote freedom. Its editorial coverage focuses on the drivers behind the transformation of the global economy.

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Editorial standards

Editorial standards are at the core of IBT's business philosophy.

IBT is committed to treating its readers fairly and giving them the best possible information on the news we cover – or the best we can learn about it, with our reporters and editors performing a high level of due diligence on the credibility of our sources. The same due diligence is applied when reporting on news that originates on social media.

We are also upfront with our readers about what we do not know when reporting a piece of news.

We believe in providing the opportunity for full and fair comment for all parties involved in an article, and having a neutral tone in our published work. There is no agenda for us, other than an unwavering commitment to truth, and freedom.

We strictly avoid violent, gruesome or gory content, and content designed to shock or disgust the audience. We also avoid stories that promote conspiracy theories, vaccine denial, drug use and unethical or illegal activities including such financial activities.

At IBT, we understand that safeguarding individual rights may, at times, clash with the public's right to information. Consequently, we face the challenge of making tough and often time-sensitive decisions that cannot always be perfect. Therefore, our editorial processes ensure that the learnings from mistakes, whether our own or those of other parts of the media industry, are cascaded across our various newsrooms to give our editorial staff the best opportunity to learn from. The editorial leadership, where deemed necessary, makes changes to internal processes to avoid such incidents.

Generative AI policy

Currently, International Business Times UK does not use or employ generative AI tools in the writing, editing, or publishing process. AI tools may be used for research purposes only, and facts will be checked by the responsible editor. Likewise, IBT will refrain from publishing AI-generated images, whether they be video or still pictures, that closely resemble real-life, unless an AI-generated image is itself the focus of a news story on its use or creation.

Corrections policy

When we make mistakes, it is our policy to correct our errors, large and small, as soon as we become aware of them – in text, picture captions and videos. We will note the corrections clearly on the story by adding a trash line and a time stamp.

International Business Times UK takes complaints about editorial content seriously. If you believe a story we have published is inaccurate, please contact the editorial team. You can:

Email: corrections@ibtimes.co.uk

Masthead & Ownership


Managing Editor: Raisa Tan
Editor: Lorraine Lorenzo
Writer: Ziyad Jamal
Writer: Danielle Summer
Writer: Vinay Patel
Writer: Teddy Cambosa

Executive Team

Chief Executive Officer (UK Edition): James Kong
Operations Manager: Ammu Venugopal

IBT UK's newsroom has staff members in the United Kingdom and across several other countries.

International Business Times UK is owned by IBTimes LLC, a subsidiary of IBT Media Inc. registered at 33 Whitehall St, 8th Floor, New York, NY 10004, and is operated by IBT Media Ltd, a UK registered company at 167-169 Great Portland Street, 5th Floor, London W1W 5PF. Further information about IBT Media Inc. can be found here.