There has been planking, milking and even McDiving.

And now selfies at funerals are quickly becoming a worrying new trend amongst teenagers.

While the planking craze encouraged people to produce photographs of themselves face down with stiffened arms and legs in ridiculous locations, some instragram and twitter users are entertaining their followers by taking mournful portraits of themselves laying family members to rest.

Fast Company's Jason Feifer, creator of the Tumblr "Selfies at Serious Places," has created a blog compiling the some of the most cringe-worthy snaps from funerals.

The collection of shameful images show boys and girls pouting their lips and even throwing up gang signs in the name of Instagram validation.

IBTimes UK has a look at some of the snaps from the gallery which has gone viral online.

Some gestures are not meant for a funeral.Tumblr
For some looking good while burying somebody is still very important.Tumblr
There is always time for a quick bathroom snap before I lay by granddad to rest.Tumblr
We are really sad. Honest.Tumblr
Grandma photobombed this snap.Tumblr